Essay about Victimization of the Elderly

Working your whole life, promoting your family, having the children through school and college, walking your girl down the section, entering retirement, and having saved enough money to visit the world and enjoy new experiences are the desired goals many of the older have dreamt of much with their lives. Instead of living their dreams, the elderly – these 65 and older – have become a target of crime. The usa Department of Justice reviews that " persons sixty five or old experienced regarding 2 . one particular million lawbreaker victimizations. ” Most of these offences were committed as robberies and thefts so the perpetrator could get cash. During these criminal activity, 33% in the elderly patients were hurt with 9% of the traumas being serious, 19% received medical care and 14% required hospital proper care. Most of the invasion crimes up against the elderly had been done by strangers, 52%, but surprisingly colleagues committed 36% (US Department of Justice, 1994).

These victimizations occur across many ethnic and sexuality lines. For example , elderly guys are victims more so than elderly females, Blacks may be patients than white wines, elderly persons who happen to be separated or divorced will be victimized more than any other relationship status, and elderly city residents are more inclined to be patients than those who have live in rural areas (US Department of Justice, 1994). Older adults who had knowledgeable a violent crime had been more likely than patients with physical and cognitive impairments to enter a nursing home” (Beck, 2010) in order to reduce dread.

Crime is merely one way the fact that elderly will be victimized. For the elderly person is mistreated or neglected by either a caregiver, comparative or good friend they are also a victim. This mistreatment can include being abused, whether it is inside the threats or perhaps actual physical physical violence, dealing with spoken abuse, having their funds exploited, or violating their individual legal rights. The people who have treat elders like this are abusers, and may be the individual responsible for...