Essay about Twisted Pair and Red stripe Green Stripe

Exercise 4. 1 . one particular

The NIC works with the physical and Data Link Layer just and does not work with TCP or IP these are applications that are on your pc. Exercise 5. 1 . 2

Because one is looking to transmit information and the additional is sending power. Two completely different points. Exercise 5. 1 . three or more

Solutions can metallic reinforced cement in a building, elevators, substantial capacity a radio station transmitters, and more expensive cables lessen the alterations of interference. Exercise some. 1 . 5

Table four-one UTP Requirements

CategoryMaximum SpeedApplication


Mobile phone cabling (POTS)

24 MbpsToken Ring

316 Mbps10 Foundation T Ethernet

420 MbpsToken Ring

5100 Mbps100 Basic T Ethernet,

5e1 GbpsGigabit Ethernet

61 GbpsGigabit Ethernet and more quickly broadband applications

6a10 GbpsFuture standard which will provide twelve Gbps Ethernet

Exercise some. 1 . a few


Pin Color Color

--- ------------- -------------

one particular Orange Stripe Green Stripe

two Orange Green

a few Green Stripe Orange Stripe

four Blue Blue

five Blue Stripe Blue Stripe

6th Green Lemon

six Brown Stripe Brown Stripe

eight Brown Brown

Work out 4. 1 . 6

Coaxial cable conducts electrical transmission using a great inner director (usually a great copper, stuck copper or perhaps copper plated steel wire) surrounded by a great insulating part and all encapsulated by a protect, typically one to four levels of stiched metallic braid and material tape. The cable is protected simply by an exterior insulating jacket. Normally, the shield is definitely kept by ground potential and a voltage is definitely applied to the middle conductor to handle electrical indicators. Exercise 4. 1 . several

The distance limit is 100m for UTP cabling. It is significant that you know exactly how to cable UTP cables. Cabling is the base of a solid network,...