Essay about The Internet Is usually Making All of us Lazy

Drew Kingery

ENG 123

13 September 2011

Teacher Kelvie

The web and Its Effects on People

The internet, would it be making us lazier, or is it elevating our efficiency throughout existence. In today's world, we rely greatly on the internet for day to day uses and it has become anything of a crutch for humans. From things like looking up getting to the nearby Sub-way, to ordering and purchasing items online, the internet has been doing nearly everything to make existence easier. In ways the internet could possibly be making all of us lazy as people. On the other hand, there's the argument which the internet is definitely making all of us more fruitful by improving search speeds, and making it so that info is readily at our fingertips.

The web has been placed in order for us to be able to benefit from its infinite network of links and sources that ultimately produce our lives much easier. Anything that utilized to require efforts or recalling something is now looked back upon like a lot of old, hazy memory. This kind of topic showing how the internet is usually making all of us lazy is definitely somewhat close to me because I have always been somewhat of your purist. I usually like to know where things are and have these people memorized, in order that I need not rely on Google Maps for guidelines. I also like going and shopping by stores rather than online shopping, this makes myself feel like Now i am actually carrying out something instead of, and pardon my French, sitting in the ass. In this age, you don't even have to be aware of or keep in mind how to get spots anymore, just look up on Google roadmaps and you can receive anywhere you want without needing to know the area, city, or perhaps state. When a kid who just got his driver's license never learns to operate a vehicle around the region he hails from because he can easily just appearance it up on-line, he simply singlehandedly eradicated his chances and motivation to ever before need to learn or perhaps memorize getting around in which he lives. I will share a quote My spouse and i said to my pal last week, " why will you Google Maps how to get to DP Dough if it is...