Essay regarding The Greeks’ Perspective of the Hero

John Johnson

Mrs. Jones

English 1-D, H

twenty January 2013

What makes a hero?

A hero, in society's eyes, has supernatural forces and shows his reason of good and evil. But what really constitutes a hero? The Greeks a new well-specified idea of what characteristics a main character needs. In the epic poem, The Journey, Homer gives insight inside the Ancient Greek civilization's concept of a hero jointly who has bravery and intelligence, however also flaws. Primarily, Homer does an incredible job demonstrating the bravery of characters that the Greeks praised. The key character, Odysseus, has an proven reputation like a well-experienced soldier. He deploys many problems against his enemies with almost no dread. He as well fears simply no man, or perhaps giant for almost any matter, and says his thoughts without the thoughts from the repercussions that may occur. During his quest back home, this individual encountered a huge, Polyphemus. This kind of giant killers four of his troops and Odysseus does not indicate it. He purposefully drunkens the giant and yells at him " You barbarian! ” " What you might have done algarade all read that right! ” (Homer 9. 391-395). Although he makes sure that the Cyclops is drunk, he still yells ferociously by him, just like no man has ever before dared. Only a real hero would get revenge pertaining to his mates with no anxiety about consequences or perhaps of living beings. A true hero would also certainly not worry when confronted with danger, since danger only emphasizes what heroes are equipped for containing. Another example of Odysseus's bravery reveals when he is finally preventing the suitors for courting his partner. Odysseus disorders one of them, therefore, allowing others to rally insults for Odysseus. This individual doesn't head that his actions can easily " cost (him) (his) life” (Homer 22. 27-31), but this individual still deals with to battle every single one of which, and earn. Odysseus stared into the encounters of fatality with a mere grin and still survived. Ancient greek language society counted on heroes to come through the many obstacles in the front...