Essay regarding The Antagonist vs Robben Barron

Antagonist Compared to Robber Souverain

Joyce Mays

Shorter University

Mentor: Christina Koontz

Gordon Gekko, who also played in the (1987) film as the antagonist, portrayed a self-interested egomaniac, just concerned with obtaining wealth. This individual preyed in young stockbrokers, conning all of them into his dirty insider trading plans. On the other hand we now have Frank Cowperwood who was a Robber Junker in the novel The Financier (2008). I do believe he was about riches and control. Quite a few businessmen prosper off of control, and they enjoy excessive cash; both control and money bring them the power necessary to maintain their unethical insider trading These men is going to experience a life of riches and confinement in period in your daily course.

In the film " Wall structure Street” Gekko made the remark that " Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right; avarice works” (Stone, 1987). Greed is for people that only consider themselves. Gekko's perspective tells us that he can not focused on ethics. To acquire as much funds as possible, he can willing to produce decisions that contradict trading regulations. Instead of corrupting other folks, Gekko should certainly allow new stockbrokers to create their own decisions about how they would like to trade.. This brings me personally to Gekko being self- interest; selection the estimate (Stone, 1987) " If you want a friend get yourself a dog. ” This tell me friends means nothing to him. He is simply in this intended for the business. Simply by him carrying out dirty insider trading this kind of caused him to spend amount of time in jail.

One easy question continuously annoyed the young Outspoken Cowperwood in " The Financier”: just how is life organized (Dreiser, 5). People who have authority take top, plus they are always in control. Cowperwood's decisions validate the previous answer. (Dreiser, 2008, s. 5). His self-centered personality caused him to victimize others. He depended on the wealth people trusted him to conscientiously invest to live a luxurious way of life. My opinion concerning this question relevant to Cowpewood is people...