Essay about Technology: Destroying Our Foreseeable future Generations?

Patricia Gilpin

Mrs. Rakauskas

ENC 1101-06B

three or more May 2011

Technology: Ruining our Long term Generations?

If the computer produced its initial appearance in America, it was regarding the size of a living room and not a large number of people experienced access or any knowledge on how it is applied. Today, technology has advanced to the point that everything can be accessed by a cellular phone the size of decking of greeting cards, or even more compact. Technology is now an amazing method to connect to information and people that would in any other case be unavailable, but experience it taken over? If perhaps technology concerns an abrupt stop and crashes will the nation know very well what to do? They have become as well used to the aspect of obtaining the world by such an easy grasp that they've overlooked how to live without that? Kids are inside sampling into fantasy worlds by using video games, and online networking cites such as Facebook rather than go outside and enjoying sports and adventuring with close friends. Technology is definitely allowing world to lose sight of truth, and even though the means of acquiring technology are actually smaller than ever before, technology alone has become a large that needs to be ended.

Technological advances are noticeable while looking around anywhere in the world today. Cars surely have the ability to parallel park themselves, cell phones may pinpoint precise locations, robots are starting being used to assist in surgeries, and even more advances similar to this are made on the day to day basis. Technological developments make work easier and quicker for many occupations, and it permits endless possibilities in the medical and health care system. These developments have allowed humans to reach a height of cleverness that otherwise would've been impossible. It includes allowed for discoveries, innovations, and changes which can be positive. Those positive changes and innovations are going to carry on and amaze the earth, but with all of these advances is actually hard to assume a your life without technology that, not too long ago, was a reality.

Technology rose to new...