Essay regarding Subway Case Analysis

Case Study #1 – Subway Sandwich Store Analysis

Example One – Subway Meal Shop

Condition Analysis

A situation analysis is a genuine valuation in the opportunities and potential complications facing a potential or existing company. Through analysis a deeper comprehension of an industry, rival and possible options may be examined. Subway Sandwich outlets early history roots could be traced back to the summer of 1965, having a $1, 1000 investment a fresh venture was created. Fred DeLuca and Doctor Peter Money worked hard to expand their organization by mid 1970s; the duo owned and operated 16 units throughout the state of Connecticut. (Subway History, 2006). A turning point for the partners was 1974, with this juncture the duo chose to take the business to a new level, franchising. Fast toward 2006 Subway franchises today total a lot more than 25, 1000 restaurants in 83 countries. Market Summary

Within a crowded ALL OF US fast food market, the Subway brand risen up to fill an important niche among consumers who were driven simply by panicked mass media coverage of the rapid rise in obesity. Subway marketing have been marketing their ability to give fresh produce and delightful low-fat options that are just as quick and convenient since high-fat menu staples including burgers and fries. Subway began providing up 8 sub casse-cro?te that contain less than 6 g of excess fat – half a dozen times not more than a McDonald's Big Mac] ( Parker, A Healthy Taste, 2006). Subway menu contains; subs that cold, popular and done, salads and wraps. Furthermore to main menu products Subway provides additional items to complement a consumer's variety like soda pop, chips and cookies. Demographics

Subway has become in the U. H the number one operation in a comparatively short time duration by placement itself in multiple places like chapels, hospitals, colleges, retail stores just like Wal-Mart and Home Website. Positioning the company; along with categorizing the subs meal as a much healthier alternative to pret a manger chains like McDonald's, provides...