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Goldilocks is usually an organization that numerous branch and franchise. Therefore, they had time for you to put it in Nasugbu, they found the Nasugbu provides huge inhabitants and they can purchase the product. that they had a very 255 branches and franchise within the Philippines. The main development of Goldilocks is located in sawn boulevard, Mandaluyong city and the product came from Cabuyao, olvido. Goldilocks built on 06 09, 2006, millions spent here, 2 to 3 weeks prior to it is created. The first thing they did to become a best seller here in Nasugbu is to spread the flyers. As of now, they may have only a couple of employee which two will be shifting of hours. Ms. Arlie Garcia is the supervisor of Goldilocks-Nasugbu. The main business of goldilocks here in Batangas is located in Lemery Express, plus they called it Mother Store.


Choco crinkles-44

Chocolate chip cookies-40

Pampre oatmeal cookies-39

Fresh pastillas-46

Sampaloc candy-38

Cashew polvoron-53

Classic polvoron-95

Coffee crumble polvoron-53

Dessert n cream polvoron-53

Almond polvoron-53

Pinipig polvoron-53

Polvoron selection-101

Ube polvoron-53

Decorating gels-26

Trabajadores De Mercedes Roll-190

Choco Buttercreme Roll-180

Chocolate Roll*P190

Classic Mocha Roll*P165

Double Dutch Roll*P210

Dulce Para Leche Roll*P165

Mochanut Crisis Roll*P180

Ube Macapuno Roll*P165

Golden Chausser Cake Slice*P22

Chiffon Wedding cake Slice*P21

Choco Butter Wedding cake Slice*P22

Heavenly Marble Dessert Slice*P23

Mocha Marble Cake Slice*P24

Dark-colored Forest Roll*P420

Black Forest Cake*P560

Chocolate Sweet Fusion*P590

Double Dutch Cake*P465