Essay regarding related literary works about affected person record system

п»їChapter two

Review of Related Literature and Studies

This kind of chapter provided the review of related literature and studies collected by the analysts which has regards to the proposed study, plus the theoretical construction of the research is displayed here, and the operational definition of terms are also defined to provide an explanation and then for a better understanding on the part of readers.

Theoretical Structure of the Research

The primary concept of the study was to build a Digital Identification Program using Bar code Scanner. The proponent utilized an Input-Process-Output (IPO) chart to illustrate the assumptive framework with the study.

Determine 1 . zero Theoretical Construction of the Recommended System

Structured from the Number 1 . 0, it displayed that the subsequent input is utilized to create the proposed program, the bar code scanning. Students number and the information of student had been verified. Plus the I. Deb. number and employee's details were validated. Putting each of the inputs and processes of the proposed examine created the Computerized Identification System using Bar code Scanner.

Overview of Related Research

Relating to Baniego, et approach on his unpublished thesis titled " Shopping cart with barcode scanner and wi-fi technology system, ” he explained that, " The task is designed to supply a computing program embedded in the cart. Furthermore, it is composed of a barcode scanner, an I/O device and the wifi terminal. The bar code scanner will be used by the client to enter his or her groceries. The wifi fatal will be a wireless router to transmit data to the other end. The system has the ability to of accepting the item bar code, then offering its corresponding descriptions for the user screen. ”

-MAPUA Institute of Technology

The said system uses barcode scanning device to scan groceries and their corresponding descriptions will probably be displayed, like in the recommended system, wherein the students' information will be display when they scan all their I. G. on the bar code scanner. This can be just to display that employing barcode reader, different things will be very easy to identify. In addition ,

" All barcode represents info in a machine readable kind. The different widths of tavern and areas in a barcode symbol, stand for different letters and numbers which can be translated or " scanned” with a barcode scanner. The searched data can then be sent to your computer system wherever it is recorded and prepared. Barcodes permit to fast and un-ambiguous identification of products, assets, documents and people. Applying barcode can greatly reduce human being errors in data entrance and finalizing; eliminate vagueness caused by sporadic approaches to item labeling and mistakes in reading written by hand. ” Bar codes can provide consistency and accuracy on id of products, assets, documents, and greatly about people. For the proposed program, the We. D. which in turn holds up a barcode is used to exclusively identify pupils, other people and even lessen human problems.


" Each bar code has a certain symbols understood to be a series pubs in a bar code. The way to identify the barcode is by the height and width as well as the pub spacing. Each strip of bar may represent several, character or alphanumeric figure depending on which sort of bar code symbology established is used. Usually a barcode contains a start and end tavern to denote the starting and ending stage of the barcode. Sometimes, there is an additional pub called the checksum bar. The purpose of the checksum pub is used to determine whether the barcode is correct following calculation and ensures the accuracy from the barcode. The barcode readers photo receptors can then read the barcodes and convert them to electrical signal. Since every single strip of bar is equivalent to a character, the barcode computer software can easily convert these electrical pulses into readable text that can be viewed on a screen. This process is definitely very fast and later takes a couple of milliseconds. ”

The barcode has...