Essay about Personality Expression

Persona reflection

Melody Jones


April 18, 2011

Murray Johnson

What is a character? A persona is a reflection of a person id of a individual but we all don't share the same form of personality. There are many different type of personality in the world some people include outgoing, timid, crazy, and settle persona. There are some people where there tradition and encircling shape their particular personality traits. Within my culture and surrounding it has help me shape my individuality in many ways. There are numerous keys factor about my personality that shapes anyone I was today. When I was a girl I use to wonder what type of personality I've the type of personality quality I've are goal, strength, totally free spirit and fear. Just about every since I had been a little lady I knew I had a strong personality because my father use to tell me you are going to be the fists to hold this kind of family together one day. My personal culture offers shape my personal personality by simply teaching me to be good in who I i am. My strength comes from a spot deep inside of me from child hood incident. My spouse and i am since strong being a lion but they have fear waiting to take over me by time. I believe fear is likewise a part of my personality since there is time while i live in fear of everything are around me. There part of me personally where My spouse and i get security toward other people when they are simply trying to take pleasure in me. Dread takes over every inch of my mind and soul. Excellent laugh that can make music in a silent room. I love to laugh and try undertaking anything when just for the fun of doing it. Being free soul allow you to remove yourself a condition and just live in that moment until it ends. I have always been ambition woman since I possibly could remember the thing I have always been ambition regarding is education. Education is the most important aspect of my entire life. The key principles are used to make clear my personality is strength I'm a strong person and have a strong individuality. When I was young I had formed to learn to be strong due to my family...

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