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Faith-Based Companies In Community Development

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Faith-Based Organizations In Community Advancement

Prepared pertaining to

U. S i9000. Department of Housing and Community Creation

Office of Policy Advancement and Research

Prepared By:

The Urban Start

Avis C. Vidal

August 2001

The contents on this report will be the views with the contractor, and don't necessarily indicate the views or guidelines of the U. S. Office of Housing and City Development of the U. S. Government.


Recently, there has been greater recognition and value given to the contributions of faith-based businesses (FBOs) in providing sociable services. Traditionally, FBOs have been particularly dominant in featuring food, clothing, and refuge to people in need. Faith-based organizations have assumed a task in helping showcase housing and community creation. Some just fourteen percent of community creation corporations (CDCs) are faith-based. The activities of Habitat pertaining to Humanity in providing homeownership opportunities are well-known. Almost half of almost all sponsors of housing pertaining to the elderly manufactured by HUD will be faith-based. The value of faith-based organizations within our communities is usually underlined by Bush Administration's creation of your new Workplace of Faith-Based Activities. The initiative will require advantage of the energy, experience, and commitment of such faith-based organizations by expanding their job. As a federal agency with a long history of working with FBOs, HUD provides a great deal of affinity for this effort. Not only possess FBOs recently been deeply mixed up in development of housing projects including those suggested above, FBOs are important to the cohesion of neighborhoods as well as the development of community communities. However, the magnitude to which these organizations include undertaken sociable service, community development, and housing courses is certainly not well recognized. In order to talk about this important lack of advice about the activities of faith-based companies, HUD subsidized research on FBOs that was conducted over the course of the past 12 months. As consequence, I am pleased that we are able to publish this statement, " The Role of Faith-Based Companies in Community Development. ” This survey provides several useful direction as this Administration's initiative moves forwards. The record tells us a lot of important, basic information. Above all, community expansion activities administered by faith-based organizations ready on, and may go on. Our company is given functioning definitions of different types of FBOs, plus the report lays out clearly some pros and cons of FBOs doing community development and housing job. The report also verifies what a large number of already understand—we don't know a whole lot of fundamental facts about what these actions entail, who have they serve, or what their impacts are. Faith-based organizations happen to be viable organizations doing essential work, well-positioned to do much more. This, then, is a great chance for us for more information about what these types of programs perform, and how we are able to help them be a little more effective. These organizations are very important to dismiss, and they are too important for all of us not to know what they are undertaking.

Lawrence T. Thompson General Deputy Associate Secretary intended for Policy Creation and Study

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