Essay about Power and Authority -- Contemporary Community Issues

" People comply with authority away of admiration, while they obey electric power out of fear. ”

Power and authority happen to be interpreted in lots of different ways. Authority is respectable and recognized, where as electrical power is used to exploit and manipulate situations simply to gain control or sway judgments. In certain scenarios, electric power and authority are essentially indistinguishable, in others; is taken benefit of by the other to master. E. g. Power could use authority to gain control and respect.

I do not really agree with this statement. While some obey authority out of respect, persons often comply with it out of fear as well. The repercussions of disobeying authority will be certainly because harsh and strict similar to those of disobeying power. For instance , GreenDays track " Warning”. The poems " Care: police series: you better not really cross”, and " Shut up and be a victim of authority” are immediately addressing the difficulties of what would happen in case you disobeyed authority and more to the point, the positioning that a significant amount of people are in because of their compliance, the outcome of just obeying the law without question.

I'm sure, more accurately, I am positive that our brothers and sisters involved in the issue " blood” diamond injury in Africa tend not to obey any figure of authority or perhaps power out of esteem, but also, out of pure fear. Fear that your hands will get severed off, or dread that your wife and sibling will get raped by the Ur. U. N that take up the uncontrolled lands. Down under, Canada, Namibia, South Africa, and Tanzania will be the countries which have been able to invest the revenue from diamonds into the progress infrastructure, colleges and clinics for the great of the neighborhoods where diamond jewelry are found. Diamond-rich Botswana has used its souterrain, which are partly owned by state, to fund infrastructure, education and healthcare, as well as schedule a rainy-day fund of nearly $7 billion. Although Botswana features something important that different African countries do not: a government well-known...