Essay in Challenges of Marketting Travel Services


Marketing of companies means the marketing of various intangible assistance needs of shoppers. This is nothing but the sale of some solutions. Marketing of Tourism Providers include largely the services purcahased by domestic and foreign travelers. The domestic tourism is a crucial segment with the overall tourist scenario though no reliable data can be found in this regad. It is relatively simple to keep record of foreign tourists because they are registered in entry points just like international airports that is not possible in case of domestic tourists.

Under the effect of the world economic crisis, important changes in the economies coming from all countries have already been created. The effect of these alterations is obvious in banking sector, in decreased capital inflow, loss of demand for services and products. Slowing down of economic activity is a immediate negative result of the financial disaster.

The financial and economic crises influence the business process of all the members in the travel and leisure market, and impose the need for proper strategic response. If the holders of tourist require will enhance dangers in to opportunity for achievement or will the threat endanger thier ideal position, depends upon what manner of response. Through constant development and efficient using resources and capabilities, it will be easy to depriciate threats and respond to problems from the environment. Experience around the ways of the response of enterprises and organizations underneath the crisis conditions in the past periods is the strating but not sufficient foundation pertaining to risk lowering.